ART ON ICE 2019 – With James Blunt, Stefanie Heinzmann,
Olympic Medalists and World Champions


The singer-songwriter has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. The perfect launch to his career came in 2005 with the “Back to Bedlam” album and the single “You’re Beautiful”.


The Swiss queen of pop and soul, she has already released four studio albums, all of which made it to the top five on the charts.


The Canadian World Champion will be coming to Switzerland for the first time.


The two-time World Champion and 2006 Olympic silver medalist, he will most certainly be presenting never-before seen choreography at the 2019 Art on Ice show.

Aljona Savchenko & Bruno Massot

Their free skating program in Pyongyang was the highlight of the 2018 Olympics.




To date, this Moscow native is the only figure skater to win two consecutive gold medals in junior world championships.

Aleksandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin

Junior World Champion 2013
2018 GP Winner from Helsinki and Moscow

Art on Ice is all about combining top musical talents live on stage with exceptional top athletes on the ice. To be sure, this creates an enthralling and captivating symbiosis which is further enriched with acrobats, dancers, incredible set designers, and amazing costumes, props and lightshows.

The 2019 Art on Ice show is entitled “Time to Time”. Using a steampunk genre, it draws spectators in to a fantastical and adventurous voyage back to the future.